If you want to develop a successful online business getting targeted traffic is crucial. And this is especially true for a classifieds website considering that the income you can make from it mainly depends on the number of visitors and the members who are willing to pay for the advertisement submissions. How wants to promote on a site which has almost no traffic?

Generally, there are two kinds of traffic you can get paid and organic.

The best is definitely getting free organic traffic from search engines and other sites, but it is actually difficult for a new website since there are not many advertisements and other contents yet.

Suggestions on how to get natural traffic.

Firstly, it is essential to have ads and other content on your site. You can ask your friends and family to submit advertisements on your brand new site and share them on their social networks. You can even post some classifieds of your own.

Moreover, most of the WordPress classified themes come with a blog section which is a great place to distribute articles that are relevant to your niche. Well-written niche articles can bring your free traffic from search engines and social networks if you share them. Visitors checking your articles may submit some ads.

I have to mention if you choose a niche in which the competition is low, you can get traffic from search engine sooner than you think. A great niche can be place+keyword, such as Birmingham cleaning services. This is just an example, you should make a detailed niche and keyword research before jumping into a niche.

Once, you have contents, you can start promoting your website in several ways.

You can begin with building social pages on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and all other networks and connect them to your website. Here you should share useful content as well as the submitted ads.

If you do it right, you will have a lot of targeted followers who will check out your classified website frequently and share your posts to their friends. This can be a good source free traffic and has some positive impact on SEO as well.

You can read more about social media marketing here.

You can also build some backlinks to your website, but concentrate on high quality backlinks as you can be quickly penalized by Google Penguin. Good sorts of links can be commenting on blogs and taking part in forums which are relevant to your niche.

You can submit a few articles into the best directories and press release sites, but guest blogging is even better.

You can also build some links by submitting your links to niche directories, bookmarking sites and answering on Q&A websites.

When you build backlink, quality is far more important than quantity.

You can read more about link building techniques here.

Besides, if you articles, replies, comment, etc. are valuable, people will visit your site which means even more traffic. This is also the best way to build a brand.

Video marketing is another method you should consider. These days it is rather easy to create video and build a channel on Youtube or other video sharing sites. These sites have tons of visitors and your videos, with a link back to your classified website, can have a large exposure.

More tips about video marketing here.

This great infographics will help to recap the best traffic sources.


What about paid traffic?

Paid traffic is maybe the simplest way to set out your online business, but you must be careful since it can cost you a lot. There are a lot of PPC networks such as Bing, Google Adwords, Facebook and others which can bring you quality traffic in no time.

Here is the beginners guide to paid traffic.

Another technique to get inexpensive, yet targeted visitors is to buy banner advertising on websites, forums, etc. I know, banners are not as efficient as they used to be, but some of the sites ask only $1 for 1K exposure. However, this only works if you promote on website that is completely relevant to yours.

Finally, you must not forget about offline advertising which can be very useful in the beginning and later as well. Some tips are below.


Did I forget to mention some other traffic sources and methods? Do you have any questions? Comment, below.