This is website is dedicated for WordPress classifieds themes and plugins. You can also find information about other scripts and tips which help you to make better directory websites which will make you money online. I hope you will find the info you need and you will be able to build a profitable website.


Classified WordPress Themes Reviews


Would you like to use a WordPress theme to build your classified website? Then, here are the reviews and the comparison of the best classifieds themes available today. Here you can find all the information about the templates to pick the one which suits you the best.


WordPress Classified Plugins

Do you have an existing website and want to add a section to it where users can buy and sell their services and products? Don’t you want to use a theme to build your classified ads website since they are not flexible enough? Then, check out the collection of the best classified and directory plugins.


PHP Classified Scripts


Don’t you want to use WordPress to make your ads directory? Then, here is the list of the best PHP classified scripts that are made especially for that purpose. You can find free and paid ones as well.

Tips and Help


In this section you can find several useful tips, tutorials and others which help you to build a successful classified website which even makes you more money and gets more traffic.